Do I have to clean the boat before I leave the yacht?2020-03-03T12:51:09+02:00

No, you do not have to clean the boat before you leave! However, the boat should be left in the same condition as you found it, i.e., dishes need to be put away, kitchen equipment needs to be returned to its place, sheets / towels folded.

When should I return the yacht?2020-03-03T12:50:55+02:00

The yacht has to be returned to the harbour the evening before the end of the charter period at 18:00. Check-out can already be done on the evening before as long as there is light or on the morning of the last charter day.

You will have full access to the yacht until 09:00 of the last day of the charter period (usually Saturday) but if you checked out the evening before we would need to again have a quick look at the yacht to make sure you did not forget anything in one of the cabins.

How does the check-in and check-out procedure work?2020-03-03T12:50:34+02:00

Check-in of the yacht is performed by the skipper plus one crew member and someone from the base personnel. We will inspect the yacht together with you in detail to ensure that all equipment is in place and functioning properly. At check-in, you will also receive instructions on important fuses, operation of the specific model, the use of toilet, septic tank and LPG etc. If you have some unclear issues, please ask additional questions! If you detect any malfunctions – just let us immediately know! Before you sign the takeover, note down any damage so you do not have to explain it at check out.

We invest a lot of time and effort to provide you with a well maintained top notch yacht. Any charter party renting after you has the right for the same quality. Hence, at check-out we will inspect the yacht again together, and if any damage occurred or you lost any equipment, it will be deducted from your deposit unless you opted for the non-refundable fee option (See “Is the yacht insured?”).

At what time do I get access to the boat?2020-03-03T12:50:17+02:00

At 17.00.

Of course, if the yacht is ready earlier, we will not let you wait.

You arrival details are essential for us to plan which yacht needs to ready at what time.

We also offer a guaranteed early check-in option at an additional cost.

How do I get to the marina and how do I find my boat?2020-03-03T12:50:04+02:00

After completing the booking process, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the marina, the transfer and traveling routes. If you wish we can also help you to organize the transfer.

Can I take the yachts wherever I want to and use it for whatever I want to?2020-03-03T12:49:47+02:00

As long as you stay within Hellenic waters and as long as you study the navigation charts properly you should be fine. If there is too much wind or the port authorities impose a prohibition of sailing it is in your best interest if you actually stay in the harbour.

We would not like you to use our yacht for racing, unless we agree to it. And we actually do if you want for instance to participate in an organised race such as the Corfu Yacht race, which takes places in October. Neither would we like that you use our yacht for towing another vessels.

What if the yacht breaks down?2020-03-03T12:49:33+02:00

First of all, we do not hope and expect this to happen. Our yachts are very well maintained and equipped. In the unlikely case it still happens, you are in good hands: We have local partners, that can reach your yacht with a speed boat and take care of it.

Is the yacht insured?2020-03-03T12:49:19+02:00

All our yachts are insured against fire, marine and collision risks and third party damage (incl. sea pollution liability) well above the minimum requirements as prescribed per Greek law. A copy of the original insurance confirmation can be found in every yacht.

There is, as it is usually the case with insurance, a deductible. What this means for you is, as you will see in our offer, that we will ask you for a security deposit, which varies with the value of the yacht. This security deposit is required prior to your embarkation and is there to cover any damage caused to the yacht and its equipment during the charter period. If there was no damage, as it is most often the case, the deposit will be returned to you in full, the moment everybody left the yacht (incl. all luggage). Not any different to renting a car, right?

If you do not feel comfortable with the security deposit, you can also decide to pay a non-refundable fee, which basically releases you from all liability up to the amount of the said security deposit if you wish, except of course if related to gross negligence or to a wilful act.

Do I have WIFI on board?2020-03-03T12:49:05+02:00

We offer WIFI as an option on all our yachts (Charges apply).

What about dinghy and outboard?2020-03-03T12:48:51+02:00

A dinghy is always included in the price. For the outboard, in some cases, you have to pay extra. (depending on the yacht of your choice)

Can I charge my mobile phone on board?2020-03-03T12:48:36+02:00

Yes you can charge your phone using the 12V charger.

All cabins of all our yachts are equipped with USB-hubs as well.

Further, all our yachts feature at least a 1500W inverter.

​Is every yacht equipped identically?2020-03-03T12:45:52+02:00

While we have defined quality and equipment standards, which are substantially above the average, each yacht is something unique – much like your holidays. Why don’t you have a look at the Book our Yachts section where you find the exact equipment each yacht features? If this is not enough, just contact us and we answer all your questions. But rest assured: Oceans of Comfort is what we will offer you.

What if I need to cancel?2020-03-03T12:45:32+02:00

We understand that you might have to cancel. Hence, we developed the below cancellation policy. If you cancel

◾Less than 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the charter period, 100% of the charter price is due

◾6 – 12 weeks prior to the beginning of the charter period, 50% of the charter price is due

◾More than 12 weeks prior to the beginning of the charter period, 25% of the charter price is due

When do I need to pay?2020-03-03T12:45:10+02:00

In order to secure your reservation we will ask you to make a 50% down payment upon accepting our offer.

The remaining 50% you will need to pay 4 weeks prior to the beginning of your sailing holidays with us.

If you book less than 4 weeks prior to the chosen charter period, you will need to pay 100% of the charter price upon accepting our offer.

All payments are to be made by bank transfer, including all extras. You will receive an official invoice including every single cost item.

What is included in the charter price?2020-03-03T12:44:54+02:00

You will find the price details in your customized offer, but generally included are VAT, use of the Yacht, Dinghy (upgraded on 45ft yachts or larger) with outboard engine (yes, that’s right, no extra charge for the outboard – we do not want you to paddle to the beach), insurance, bed sheets, towels and the first fill for outboard.

The use of the home marina of the yacht is free of charge for as long as you want to use it.

Not included is fuel, provisioning, water, mooring fees and end cleaning.

Can I rent the yacht one way?2020-03-03T12:44:37+02:00

Yes you can, but at a cost and subject to availability. Please inform us about your plans and we will do our best to help you finding the most suitable solution.

What information do I need to submit before the trip?2020-03-03T12:44:14+02:00

When making a booking, we will ask you to send us things like your name, address, the date and time of arrival and to fill in the crew list form. You also need to submit a copy of all sailing certificates and your sailing resume. We need this information so we can allow you to rent the yacht.

We must receive this information no later than 14 days before departure and if not received, we will contact you, so do not worry if you tend forget these kind of things – we understand you might be very busy with looking forward to your sailing holidays with us.

If you would not like to go to the supermarket when you arrive but rather spend the time on your yacht, let us know and we can make sure that when you board the yacht everything you need is already there.

Most importantly, if there is anything you would like to let us know, or you need to know from us, just let us know.

Of course we will treat your data in accordance with the law. Please have a look at our Company Policy.

Who is responsible for damage to the yacht?2020-03-03T12:43:26+02:00

It is always the skipper who has full responsibility for the yacht. We invest a lot of time and effort to provide you with a well maintained top notch yacht. Any charter party renting after you has the right for the same quality. Hence, you will certainly understand that this means that any damages or losses caused by you need to be paid for. In general, you will need to discuss damage costs with our base manager at check-out.

Having said that, we of course insure our yachts. For details please check the question “Is the yacht insured?”. If you still do not feel well enough protected you can of course also take out a skipper insurance on your own.

What should I bring?2020-03-03T12:43:04+02:00

First of all, do not forget to bring along your original skipper’s license, a signed sailing resume and the booking confirmation.

Regarding your luggage: As there is only limited storage space on sailing yachts try not to bring hard shell suitcases and try to travel lean.

Do not forget to bring your sailing gear or, in case you do not own this, bring a windbreaker jacket and trousers. Even during the summer months, the weather can get rough on open sea or at least breezy in the evening.

We are sure it seems obvious to you, but bring along sun blocker, sunhat and sunglasses. The Greek sun is very strong.

What is the best season for sailing?2020-03-03T12:42:47+02:00

This totally depends on your preferences and the sailing area. Having said that, unless you like the cold, we would recommend May to October for the Ionian Sea and April to October for the Aegean Sea, where during the months July and August the Meltemi can blow for several consecutive days with force that might reach storm strength. Obviously if you are a sun worshipper, the summer months will be best for you.

Do I need sailing experience to rent a yacht?2020-03-03T12:39:33+02:00

For bareboat sailing yacht charter Greek authorities require at least one crew member with a recognized offshore sailing licence, such as ASA & RYA certifications or another official document recognized in your home country. To be on the safe side we advise you to apply for an International Certificate of Competence.

In addition, you will need at least one experienced crew-member of “Competent Crew” level on board to support you. Besides the driver’s licence you will have to provide us with a signed sailing resume.

We will ask you to send us a scan of all sailing certificates and your sailing resume before the charter starts in order to assess whether you meet the requirements. If you do not meet the above requirements, or you just do not feel confident enough, do not worry. We are happy to help you organize a crewed yacht charter with skipper, cook or hostess.


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