When making a booking, we will ask you to send us things like your name, address, the date and time of arrival and to fill in the crew list form. You also need to submit a copy of all sailing certificates and your sailing resume. We need this information so we can allow you to rent the yacht.

We must receive this information no later than 14 days before departure and if not received, we will contact you, so do not worry if you tend forget these kind of things – we understand you might be very busy with looking forward to your sailing holidays with us.

If you would not like to go to the supermarket when you arrive but rather spend the time on your yacht, let us know and we can make sure that when you board the yacht everything you need is already there.

Most importantly, if there is anything you would like to let us know, or you need to know from us, just let us know.

Of course we will treat your data in accordance with the law. Please have a look at our Company Policy.