Check-in of the yacht is performed by the skipper plus one crew member and someone from the base personnel. We will inspect the yacht together with you in detail to ensure that all equipment is in place and functioning properly. At check-in, you will also receive instructions on important fuses, operation of the specific model, the use of toilet, septic tank and LPG etc. If you have some unclear issues, please ask additional questions! If you detect any malfunctions – just let us immediately know! Before you sign the takeover, note down any damage so you do not have to explain it at check out.

We invest a lot of time and effort to provide you with a well maintained top notch yacht. Any charter party renting after you has the right for the same quality. Hence, at check-out we will inspect the yacht again together, and if any damage occurred or you lost any equipment, it will be deducted from your deposit unless you opted for the non-refundable fee option (See “Is the yacht insured?”).