The Dodecanese

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The Dodeconese

The Dodecanese consists of a group of islands of which Kos and Rhodes are commonly best known. Besides Kos and Rhodes, Astipalia, Arki, Chalki, Lipsi, Kalymnos, Leros, Fournoi, Levitha, Nisiros, Pserimos, Simi and Tilos belong to this group of island too.

The area is characterized by a rugged landscape with high mountains and a barren landscape on the coast and bays that stretch deep land inward. Because of the high mountains, especially in the bays, fall winds occur regularly.

The group island lies largely in sight of the Turkish coast, off Bodrum and Marmaris. However, it is not allowed to just sail to a Turkish port - you will always need visa and clearance by Turkish customs. It is also likely you will encounter a ship of the Turkish coast guard - they are very active in this area.

The Dodecanese is a group of islands where you can choose many destinations. The travel distance between the Islands is relatively short and your destination is almost always visible on departure. Please be advised that, if you start your sailing trip in southern direction, the return trip will probably take longer because you will have to sail close to the wind a lot. On an average day you can sail up to 35 miles.

There are plenty of bays and ports to stay overnight. It pays off to prepare your trip well: The port fees in this area differ considerably. In a municipal port sometimes you only pay five euro per night, where an overnight stay in a Marina sometimes costs more than 30 euro.

During July and August the Dodecanese is only suitable for experienced sailors. For the slightly less experienced sailors, the second half of September and the month of October are a delightful period.

The Dodecanese islands you can reach from our satellite base in Athens.


In the Dodecanese the Meltimi blows from north easterly direction (in periods of a day or three) from mid-June to mid-September with its peak in July and August. In case the Meltemi blows, it causes considerable swell.

The average temperature in June, July and August is well above 30 degrees. The Dodecanese is an ideal late late summer destination because of perfect sailing conditions, which temperatures still averaging 25 degrees in October.

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